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The Traffic Champions Team
Traffic Champions is a new breed of marketing agency. As a best-in-class team of professionals, we are exclusively dedicated to the needs of retailers and eCommerce businesses. Put simply, we drive and optimize sales & conversions for your company.

We are driven these critical principles:

We work effectively & efficiently. We get more done in less time, period.
We want our clients to own their entire marketing apparatus so that they are not beholden to anyone, at any time, for any reason. 
We build marketing campaigns based-off of the most up-to-date best practices of what's working right now, not theory or guesswork.   
We recommend the best possible solutions for our clients, even if that means referring them to other providers or services that we don't provide ourselves.
The clients most likely to bring us on-board are those that are looking for a "soup to nuts" agency that is driven by results and knows how to implement to achieve their most important S.M.A.R.T. goals. We are those go-to guys (and gals). We are that solution.

We leverage our deep expert knowledge and extensive experience to craft the best campaigns for your needs. The services you'll find on this site are our areas of highly specialized expertise which is also complimented by our broad spectrum knowledge that allows us to know the best possible path for your business & product offerings, even if means referring you to a difference specialist that is outside our area of expertise (like radio, print, or television ads - we don't do that).

...but what we do, we believe we do exceptionally well and we stand by our work 100% until you are fully satisfied.

That's our promise to you.
Meet The Traffic Champions 
Morgan Fleur De Lys
Like the rest of the team, Morgan caught the travel bug years ago and has been steadily racking up the miles to see as much of the world as he can. Originally from New Orleans, his roots must have made him a natural foodie as well because most of his travel decisions are based on the answer to the question: "How's the food there?".

In the business world, Morgan got his start in commission-based retail sales and retail management before eventually graduating to marketing and helping businesses succeed online. In addition to doing online marketing for the better part of the last decade, Morgan holds numerous certifications from the world's leading service providers and training companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Digital Marketer, and others.

In his off-time, he enjoys annoying his girlfriend in hopes of making her smile (he usually succeeds) and dragging her all around the planet on endless adventures.

Bottom Line: Morgan's a unicorn - A rare animal capable of crafting expertly designed marketing campaigns that are focused on increasing your KPIs.
Michelle Fleur De Lys
Michelle has multiple degrees in Business and Education. She spent over a decade working with public schools, specializing in working with students in Special Education and designing curriculum, but she made the transition into online marketing after getting to know the caliber of the people she is currently working with at Traffic Champions. She particularly enjoys working with and helping our clients, with a special emphasis in email marketing and copywriting.

Michelle is one of those crazy people who have a zoo at home and are still looking for ways to increase it. She has loved animals since she was a child when she used to plan to be a pet store owner but knew she would wind up taking them all home with her. She currently has 3 dogs and 9 cats (ALL were strays) AFTER giving up over half a dozen to friends and family. She has her eye on a goat, pig, cow, and miniature horse at some point in her future :)

When she is not writing emails, playing with her animals, or spending time with her family and friends, Michelle enjoys smiling when her boyfriend tries to annoy her.

Michelle used to think that she was well-traveled. Then she met up with this bunch. She has spent the last few years trying to catch up. Wish her luck!
Scott Shuman
This is Scott Shuman, a passionate guy who enjoys helping others succeed. Scott previously spent decades in the Bay Area (California) managing different restaurant concepts and feeding his passion for tasty food.

Later, he decided to seek a different way of serving humankind and helping others gain self-worth by teaching others English as a second language while he traveled throughout Asia ticking off his scuba diving bucket list.

Over the past few years, Scott has taken a new spin and has developed a love for helping others drive traffic, increase sales, and build long-term virtual relationships on a global network. When he isn’t glued to his computer, he enjoys spending time with his much adored wife.
Roy Dunne
Roy Dunne is a man obsessed with traveling to every corner of the world and has looked for ways to do just that for the past fifteen years. He has dabbled in Network Marketing, which eventually led him to learn the skills in online marketing that he practices today for himself and for his clients.

Roy is certified through Digital Marketer in Search Marketing, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing, Sales Funnel Optimization, and Content Marketing. He, along with his team at Traffic Champions, uses this knowledge to help his clients generate traffic, leads, and sales for their businesses.

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